2002 Oakland A’s: A Look Back at the Unstoppable Schedule That Toppled Records

2002 Oakland A’s: A Look Back at the Unstoppable Schedule That Toppled Records

The Unstoppable 2002 Oakland A’s: A Look Back at the Record-Topping Schedule

The Oakland A’s 2002 season was one for the ages. Not only did the team win an incredible 103 regular-season games, but their winning streak was so remarkable that it earned them a place in the record books. The A’s went on to sweep the AL West Division title, and then went onto win the ALDS and ALCS as well. It was an incredible run that captured the attention of the entire nation, and it’s no surprise that the A’s have become one of the most beloved teams in all of baseball.

The Unstoppable Starting Lineup

The 2002 Oakland A’s had a starting lineup that was simply unstoppable. Led by future Hall of Fame second baseman, Miguel Tejada, the lineup was chock-full of All-Stars like Eric Chavez, Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon, and Mark Mulder. The lineup was so strong that it could score in bunches, as evidenced by the fact that they scored 8 or more runs in 13 different games during the year.

The Power Pitching Staff

The A’s pitching staff was also something to behold. Led by a young and talented starting rotation featuring Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, and Mark Mulder, the A’s pitchers were almost unhittable throughout the course of the season. The trio combined for a remarkable 54-25 record, and their dominance was rewarded with three All-Star selections. The bullpen was just as strong, featuring the likes of Keith Foulke, Chad Bradford, and Ricardo Rincon, who combined to post a 3.11 ERA over the course of the season.

The Unstoppable Streak

The A’s winning streak during the 2002 season was simply remarkable. It started on April 8th, when the A’s beat the Anaheim Angels, and then lasted for an incredible 20 games. During the streak, the A’s racked up wins over the likes of the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and even the World Series champion San Francisco Giants. The streak came to an end on April 29th, when the A’s finally lost to the Kansas City Royals.

The Record-Breaking Postseason

The A’s didn’t just dominate the regular season, they also went on to have a record-breaking postseason run. After sweeping the AL West Division title, the A’s went on to sweep the ALDS and ALCS, becoming the first team in major league history to sweep through the first three rounds of the playoffs. In the World Series, the A’s faced off against the Giants and won in a 4-2 series. It was a historic run that cemented the A’s’ place in baseball lore.

The Legacy of the 2002 Oakland A’s

The 2002 Oakland A’s are remembered fondly by baseball fans for their remarkable achievements. They will always be remembered for their record-breaking winning streak, their powerhouse lineup, and their dominant pitching staff. Even today, the A’s are revered as one of the greatest teams in baseball history. To learn more about the history of the team, visit YoungRuns.com.