64 Ways Volleyball Players Know They Are Addicted

64 Ways Volleyball Players Know They Are Addicted

“You know you play volleyball when…” –Any volleyball player.

This is a compilation of various sources regarding when you know you play volleyball.

1. You think everyone should have to wear spandex.

2. When someone says “shag” the first thing you think of is volleyball.

3. When you’re taller than most of your class. Or when you’re not, and people wonder how you play volleyball when you’re not 6’11.

4. When the words “outside,” “middle,” and “right/weak side” mean the world to you.

5. When you realize your thighs no longer fit in your jeans.

6. You could probably beat anyone in wall sits.

7. When a ball is hurled at your face, you set, pass, or hit it. Or you flail your arms spastically.

8. You know what a libero is/does.

9. You have more than one pair of knee pads.

10. You get angry when someone says volleyball isn’t a hard sport.

11. You own at least one shirt that has the word “volleyball,” “hit,” or a drawing of a volleyball on it.

12. You know how to tape yourself.

13. You know why ankle braces are a necessity.

14. You have injuries on your knees, elbows, ankles, neck, shoulders, back, head, etc.

15. You’ve perfected drawing a volleyball.

16. You’ve tried setting into a basketball hoop. And it’s much easier than actually shooting a ball into a basketball hoop.

17. You know a pancake is more than just something to eat.

18. You think TV should show more volleyball than any other sport.

19. You’ve been asked why volleyball players wear spandex.

20. You know your vertical, and always hope somehow it gets higher.

21. You’ve had at least one ball hit you in the face.

22. You’ve been to volleyball camp. Many times.

23. You know who Misty May is.

24. You know a scoreboard like the back of your hand.

25. You have to admit that you like those “ACE!” cheers.

26. Whenever you see a volleyball, you have to touch it.

27. At one point in your life, you’ve had knee problems.

28. You know what those “other” lines in the gym are.

29. You don’t dribble balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand.

30. You own a pair of “volleyball” shoes.

31. You know what a 4-2, a 6-2, and a 5-1 is.

32. You have muscles where you didn’t think muscles existed.

33. You’re not afraid of falling.

34. You’ve seen that movie “All You’ve Got” and wanted to write the director on how bad it was.

35. You see tall people and think “she/he would make a great volleyball player.”

36. When you know to shave your armpits before a game… and gross out when the blockers on the other team forgot to.

37. You waste a lot of gas driving to tournaments.

38. You are/have been in a volleyball club.

39. You can’t actually run… but you sure as hell can sprint.

40. You laugh when you see other people trying to play volleyball.

41. You get really upset when someone kicks a volleyball.

42. Volleyball is more important than anything else that you have to do.

43. You have permanent floor-burn marks.

44. You’ve wanted to smack your coach at one point. AND/OR your coach has wanted to smack you at some point.

45. Two words: GET LOW.

46. You know what “sideout” means. Or you don’t, but you yell it anyway.

47. You think it’s normal to have balls deliberately hit at your face.

48. When going up for a hit, you’ve at least completely missed the ball once in your life.

49. You’ve run into a wall, pole, person, bleachers… many times.

50. Gym (or P.E.) volleyball isn’t volleyball. You end up yelling at everyone because they’re doing it wrong.

51. You can put your hand up to a volleyball net and tell someone how close it is to the height it’s supposed to be.

52. You’ve attempted passing or setting a basketball and failed miserably.

53. Your knees smell after a game.

54. When spandex/leggings became fashionable, you were like, “I’ve been wearing those all along.”

55. There wonder why there’s an NBA, the NFL, the NHL, but no NVL?

56. There’s always that one person on the opposing team that you want to slap across the face.

57. You hate that clips and metal hair accessories are banned. Wearing an oh-so-fashionable stretchy headband is not fun. And they slip off in the middle of intense rallies.

58. You publicly pick wedgies.

59. You never just “get up.” You roll.

60. You can easily recall the noise of skin sliding against a recently waxed court. And it still makes you cringe.

61. You’ve caught the ball in the middle of an intense rally because you thought the referee blew his whistle… only to realize that the whistle came from the court next to you.

62. You try to intimidate the other team during warm-ups.

63. You’ve spent at least half of an entire game pulling down your teeny tiny spandex because they ride up so much.

64. You use pre-wrap (in a variety of colors) more on your hair than your injuries.

And remember, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.