Adventure Sports In India – Top Attractions For Vacations

Adventure Sports In India – Top Attractions For Vacations

India is known for its distinct geography and topology. There are Himalayan mountain ranges in the north that protects it from the chilly winds coming from China and it is surrounded by water on all its three sides thereby making it an ideal destination for the tourists to enjoy various water sports and other activities. There are number of national parks and forests that are situated in various parts of the country, each one is famous for certain species or safaris.

Given below are some of the insights of safari tourism in India:

a. Trekking and Hiking: India being the 6th largest country in its size has many hill stations and other slopes where one can enjoy many adventure sports. Different stations in India have special facilities for different adventurous sports and related activities. Sports such as trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing can be enjoyed. Himachal Pradesh is a well-known place among trekkers and mountaineers who come from all over the country. The McLeod Ganj, Kullu Manali and Beas Kund are some of the other known places. States like Uttarakhand, Jammu And Kashmir are also great places for these kinds of activities.

b. Jungle Safari: India besides having a very large population also has rich biosphere reserves. This makes a good opportunity to exploit these resources and use it to the fullest. Many national parks such as Kanha, Gir, Ranthambore, Periyar, etc. offer facilities like Jungle Safari, Tiger Safari and Elephant Safari for the visitors and tourists arriving here.

c. Water sports: Kerala and Goa are the best destinations that offer facilities like Jet Skiing, Para sailing, Water Skiing and Scuba Diving. The beaches combined with the water sports offer us an exceptional fusion which makes these place a heaven for the tourists who come here to enjoy them. Goa being known for its late night parties and beautiful beaches is preferred by visitors all over the world. There are a large of number of professionals and life guards for those who are new to these sports with their expertise and guidance.

d. Camel Safari: To experience the best camel safari one has to visit the state of Rajasthan. The state is famous for its forts and palaces that are built by various Rajput rulers and kings that lived and ruled here. This state has been able to successfully preserve and restore the cultural heritage and the famous forts which make explorers curious to watch them by travelling to them on camels. A ride on the camel’s back to the very famous Thar Desert take the traveller to the era of medieval period were the movement in the city is made caravans drawn by the camels. Many short safaris are also being organized in the cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.