Airsoft Skirmishes – Ideas For Realistic and Exciting Airsoft Gun Battles and Games

Airsoft Skirmishes – Ideas For Realistic and Exciting Airsoft Gun Battles and Games

Here Is How To Make Your Airsoft Battles Fun!

In order to have a successful airsoft skirmish it is a necessity to do some pre-planning for the event. The very first thing you are going to need to decide is what type of airsoft skirmish you are going to have. In this article we will look at the two most popular types of airsoft games, head to head combat and objective games.

Head To Head Style Combat Scenarios

A head to head competition is basically two teams going all out to eliminate one another. In an objective type of game is similar to “capture the flag” type of play that requires your squad to complete a mission or task In head to head style games the most common number of teams is two facing each other. The goal is to eliminate the other team first in various scenarios.

Some examples of head to head style games are as follows:

1. Patrol Mission – This will have one team on patrol through an area trying to find the other team. This is very similar to search and destroy type missions that the military runs and you will need good tracking and group mobility skills. Usually there is an area that will be labeled as enemy territory and to add realism you can add booby traps like airsoft claymore mines and grenades. The best place to play this type of game is in a wooded are. Although urban combat areas are rising in popularity and lend themselves well to patrol based games. The military refers to this as MOUT (Military Operation in Urban terrain). The only real difference is that in urban combat you are in towns and cities, often built specifically for airsoft games.

2. Front Line Combat – Just like real wars of old this is true head to head at its best. In this scenario each team will control one part of the battle field. The goal is for one airsoft team to assault the other and attempt to flank them in order to over run their position and win the airsoft game. Objective Mission Style In the objective style of airsoft combat you will have an objective to complete, the other team will try and stop you from completing this objective. In most cases these events are timed as require exceptional team interaction and communication.

Some examples of objective style are:

1. Rescuing Hostages – This type of mission normally takes place inside in closer quarters. This type of game is when one team is trying to locate the hostage and successfully free them, kill their captors. The opposing team will try and keep the hostage from being set free. In this type of game one team will defend their fire base from the other team who is trying to steal their flag. This is by far the most popular type of airsoft game right now.

2. Downed Pilot – A mock pilot or other valuable target is hidden somewhere on the battle field and opposing teams each try to find it first. One team plays the rescuers the other the enemy trying to eliminate the target. This is a great game that has both teams moving fast trying too find the target and all kinds of skirmishes often breakout during the hunt.

Other Airsoft Battle Ideas and Scenarios

1. Recreations – A lot of people like to plan their airsoft games around actual events or battles. For example POW camp raid and rescue. One part of the field will be the POW camp, the good guys needs to capture the camp and save the prisoners. The bad guys job is to hold their camp and kill the rescuing team or capture them. You can pick any theme or time period you want like Vietnam, WWII or even the Iraq War. Although it will require a little research it will be a lot funner in the end and add a lot of realism.

A lot of teams really get into it and actually wear authentic uniforms and have appropriate weapons for the time period. People have also had great success recreating their favorite war movie scene. Again hostage rescue or even capturing a bridge or compound have all been used in movies and should be easy to recreate. You imagination is your only limit and if you really try and think of new ideas you will have more fun!It really comes down to the more realistic the battle the more fun everyone will have!

2. Using Props – Battle props are another great way to increase the fun in your airsoft skirmishes. Usually items will be marked before the game begins and each will represent a certain type of item. These props can marked as anything you want and if they are captured they can be used to get extra points, bring a downed teammate back or whatever you want.

If you are the one who is supposed to plan the battles for your club you can see that you options are limitless and good planning can take a good amount of time. It will pay off well to be as creative and detailed as possible, be do not make it to complicated or else people will get confused and the fun factor will drop. Your reward fr your detailed planning will be when everyone has a great time and really gets into the battle themes you have laid out for them!