Anna Kournikova – Professional Tennis’ Unique Sex Symbol Superstar

Anna Kournikova – Professional Tennis’ Unique Sex Symbol Superstar

Sports stars have always been sex symbols. This has been the case going back as far the Roman Empire. (Actually, the worship of sports stars probably is as old as human history itself) However, most sports sex symbols have almost unilaterally been men. While women athletes have long since been idolized and respected, very few female sports stars have claimed the mantel of being popular due to their looks. Much of this has changed with the arrival of Anna Kournikova on the professional tennis scene. Yes, she has many fans who love her for her performances on the tennis court. Then, there is the multitude of males who never watched tennis matches in their life; but, they become attentive spectators when an Anna Kournikova match is on television. They also show their fervor by searching for online Anna Kournikova pictures with great abandon as well!

Yes, Anna Kournikova’s popularity and superstar status is deeply based on her looks and sex appeal far more than her accomplishments on the tennis court. Let the truth be told, Anna Kournikova is a solid yet not spectacular tennis star. Her overall ratings in singles tennis peaked at #8 and her main success has been primarily in doubles matches. Again, this is a decent career but no where near spectacular as other female greats. However, she has something more important than tennis prowess. She has a great look and this has translated into a huge fan base that has made her one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world.

So, who says you need a good backhand if you look great?

Yes, sexy Anna Kournikova is a solid pro but it was her understanding of the male audience that truly created her great fame. She also used her natural charisma to appeal to the male fans in the audience. In the past, most female tennis stars approached the game with an intense, single minded focus that yielded victory after victory. Such performances, however, had little to do with playing to the crowd. Anna Kournikova understood that playing to an audience would make her a far bigger international superstar than simply winning matches. Of course, her appeal would tumble if she experienced a major losing streak but as long as she remains competent and look goods doing so she will be a superstar.

The men’s magazines understood this and played to the fervor by running many Anna Kournikova pics in MAXIM, FHM, and other publications. Anna Kournikova MAXIM layouts greatly aided in making her a modern pinup superstar and internet sensation since modern men’s magazines are critical in establishing someone as a sex symbol. By publishing appealing pictures of Anna Kournikova, the tennis star’s popularity reached a new apex. She also was introduced to a number of people who previously never watched tennis before and soon became new fans. Well, they became fans of watching Anna Kournikova as opposed to tennis but they are fans nonetheless. This has allowed the audience of professional tennis to grow and that makes the sport healthier as a result. While sexy Anna Kourinkova’s original intentions may not have been altruistic, the intensions have yielded positive results for the sport of tennis nonetheless.