Basketball Hoops – Adjustable Height Systems

Basketball Hoops – Adjustable Height Systems

Playing basketball is a fun and exciting American tradition. Basketball is a great sport because the whole family can play, or you can play a little one on one, or you can make shots all by yourself. After all, that is how many great players got their start. College player Jackie Stiles would throw 1,000 free throws everyday just to make sure she’d be able to do it when the pressure was on. Give your family a great place to play and practice with an adjustable height basketball hoop.

An adjustable height hoop is perfect for a family with multiple children. You can adjust it to one height when your little kids play and another height when your older kids show up with friends. This gives you many options for different kinds of play. You can also adjust the height as needed for family games so that everyone has a chance to shoot and score.

Adjustable height hoops can be either in-ground or movable. The in-ground hoops are ideal for a front yard driveway hoop. They are also a good choice for community hoops such as at a church, park, or school. These basketball hoops are placed in-ground and held in place by cement. Many of these hoops start at 5 feet and can be extended all the way up to 10 feet which is regulation height.

In-ground basketball hoops are durable and long lasting. They are mounted to steel poles in vary sizes. The larger the size pole, the more durability you will have. If you are looking for an adjustable height basketball hoop that will stand up to intense play, choose a hoop with an 8″ or larger pole.

The backboard size on adjustable hoops can vary too. Regulation size backboards are 42″ x 72″. This may be too large for a residential hoop depending on where the hoop will be grounded. Take into consideration what type of play will take place and where the hoop will be mounted when choosing the backboard size that will work for you. Most residential hoop backboards are made from acrylic and have painted target lines for optimal shooting opportunities.

Another type of adjustable height basketball hoop is a portable hoop. These are not as durable as in-ground hoops but they give you more options. You can move your portable system as needed. You may want to play in the front yard, the street, or the backyard depending on who is playing and what the age range is. A portable hoop gives you this option.

A portable adjustable hoop gives you the same height adjustment option as the in-ground hoop so it can grow with your children as needed, but it can also grow with your family. If you get a new house you can move a portable hoop with you and give your kids something familiar in their new home.

Adjustable height basketball hoops are a great choice for a growing family. Consider which type will best meet your needs and let the free throws begin!