Beginning Your Perfect Wealth Formula Business With The End In Mind

Beginning Your Perfect Wealth Formula Business With The End In Mind

“Begin With The End In Mind.”
Steven R. Covey – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

So what does it mean exactly to Begin With The End In Mind?
Simply put it means to KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO GET
out of whatever it is you’re planning to DO… Or have a
clear picture of where you want to end up before you start.

This is very important from several aspects however I only
want to spend time on two.

1. Knowing What You Want Will Direct Your Actions.
In other words, you wouldn’t use a cake recipe if
what you really want is a Lasagna.
People who become involved in online business do so
for a variety of reasons.
But no matter how similar or how different the
reasons may be, one thing is consistent, Reasons. And
reasons always reflect priority.
It’s important that your actions support your
priorities and also reflect your desired outcome.
For that to happen, you simply must “Begin With The
End In Mind.”
The key word here is Begin.

2. We Become What We Think About.
Whether we believe it or not, understand it or not,
embrace it or not, or flat out reject it, the fact
remains that, “We Become What We Think About.” The
life you are living today is the direct result of
your own thoughts.
So then, if you want to be rich, visualize yourself
as being rich as a result of your business efforts.
If you want to help others, visualize the many
individuals whose lives will be made better as a
result of your business earnings. Again,
“Begin With The End In Mind.”
The key word here is Begin.

We’ve all heard the saying, I’ll believe it when I see it.
Unfortunately the universe doesn’t work that easily.
The reality is that you will never see it until you
believe it.

In order to achieve anything worth achieving you must first
believe that it is possible. And when you set out to
achieve it, see yourself as having already achieved whatever
it is you are setting out to do. After all, if it were not
possible, you would never have been able to imagine it or
would have never had the desire to go through the process
in the first place.

The very force that pull you in the direction of your
this case would be success on the internet; those very
feelings exist because “Your Successful You” has already
achieved the goal, and is merely waiting for you to
catch up!!!

But to do that you have to Begin.

And by all means…. “Begin With The End In Mind”!!!!

Gregory Downey

– The Economic Alchemist

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