Bob Geren’s Brilliant Comeback as Oakland A’s Manager in 2002

Bob Geren’s Brilliant Comeback as Oakland A’s Manager in 2002

The Brilliant Comeback of Bob Geren as Oakland A’s Manager in 2002

When Bob Geren was appointed manager of the Oakland A’s in 2002, many people didn’t think he’d be able to turn the team around. After all, the team had struggled to stay competitive in the American League West Division since the late 1990s. But Geren was determined to prove everyone wrong and he did just that.

Geren had been with the A’s organization since 1995, first as a minor league manager and then as a major league coach. He had a strong background in the game and a deep understanding of the A’s culture, so he was the perfect fit for the job.

When Geren took over, he had to make some tough decisions and do things differently than his predecessor Art Howe. Geren was willing to make bold moves and take risks to make the A’s a winning team again. He implemented a new system of scouting, training and player development that emphasized team spirit and accountability. He also made sure the team stayed focused on the fundamentals of the game and didn’t get caught up in the drama of individual players.

It didn’t take long for Geren’s strategies to bear fruit. In his first season, the A’s made it to the playoffs for the first time since 1992. They continued to be competitive in the division for the next several seasons and even made it to the World Series in 2006.

Since his initial success with the A’s, Geren has gone on to manage the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers and New York Mets. He currently serves as the Mets’ bench coach.

Geren’s success as the A’s manager in 2002 is a testament to his hard work, dedication and passion for the game. He was able to turn a struggling team into a winning one and his strategies continue to be implemented by teams around the league.

Geren’s brilliant comeback as the Oakland A’s manager in 2002 is a story of resilience and determination. He showed that with the right leadership and strategies, anything is possible. To learn more about Geren and his success, visit