Choosing a Pull Behind Trailer: Aluminum Vs Fiberglass

Choosing a Pull Behind Trailer: Aluminum Vs Fiberglass

If you’re in the market for a pull behind travel trailer, it’s important to investigate the materials from which the trailers are made. The material can make a decisive difference in fuel efficiency and overall longevity of the trailer. Typically, you’ll see articles comparing steel versus aluminum. This article will discuss the differences between aluminum trailers and fiberglass trailers and how these types of materials could affect the pull behind your motorcycle.

Learning More About Fiberglass Trailers

Fiberglass is a popular material that is usually found in travel trailers like RVs and campers. This material is also used to make pull behind trailers for motorcycles. Some attest that fiberglass trailers are aero dynamic, lightweight and easy to close. Additionally, fiberglass tends to hold heat well during the colder months. On the flip side, fiberglass can crack easily if not properly care for and does not allow materials inside the trailer breathe as well as they could. During the summer months, clam-shell fiberglass trailers can also be more difficult to close due to humidity and material expansion.

Are Aluminum Trailers Superior?

Pull behind trailers composed of aluminum are rugged and are built to last under extreme conditions. Units are aero-dynamic and allows interior contents to breathe more easily. Aluminum trailers weigh less than fiberglass trailers and often have room for additional storage on the interior, as well as on the exterior. Most haulers are equipped with storage racks that are ideal for strapping coolers or other items on top. Moreover, these units close easily regardless of the outside temperature.

An Example of a Quality Aluminum Trailer

If we’ve convinced you that an aluminum trailer is the best option, consider looking into trailers made by Aluma. This manufacturer is well-known in the trailer industry for building tough aluminum trailers of all sizes. In regards to this conversation, we’d like to point out the Aluma MCT and the Aluma MCTXL. Whether you’re going across town, across the province, or across Canada, these are light-weight aluminum trailers that are equipped with an LED lighting package as well as classic aluminum star wheels. Each can carry between 200 – 225 pounds and come with a convenient storage rack to store your favorite items. Depending on the model you choose, trailers are available in various colours so it will be easy to coordinate with your bike.

Make sure that you do your homework and really research the difference materials can make when choosing a trailer. If you’re unsure of what to use, rely upon online opinions, or make it a point to consult a qualified trailer dealer in your area. Their experts should be able to answer your questions and guide you to the best trailer for you needs.