Dumbbell Sets Come in All Sorts of Varieties

Dumbbell Sets Come in All Sorts of Varieties

Using dumbell sets as part of your workout regimes is a great way to stay in shape. In fact people have been creating their own dumbbell sets starting in England centuries ago when they had to be creative. Amazingly enough, before people actually started creating them, athletes would make their own out of church bells. They would take the clangors out so as to rid the bells of that awful clang, hence the term dumb (think “mute”) bell. Fortunately, time has passed and it is easy enough to simply go to the store and purchase your own dumbbell sets.

There are many different options you can choose from when considering purchasing it. Among the considerations are physical appearances of this products. There are the traditional that are silver cast iron molded into a hexagon shape on the sides and then the bar is ridged so that the user gets a better grip. This is what is usually preferred by most men and true athletes when they are shopping them. There is no specific reason why, maybe because it is so stereotypical of what a hardcore athlete uses it just cuts through the decoration and portrays a serious dedicated athlete which is the perception they like to have of themselves.

However, for those who do care how fashionable their dumbbell sets are, they are also available in many different shades of color as a plastic Teflon like material surrounds the case iron dumbbell softening the edges and making them a little easier to grip and less painful on your palms. These are most commonly what you will see in exercise classes, because not only are attractive, they look simple and non-threatening inviting users to give them a try. (The colored really do look like a lot of fun, until you get serious with them.)

The last option for this is hardly seen anymore and is most commonly used by hardcore athletes who believe in using the bare minimum adjustable dumbbell sets for their workout routines. These are rods indented with screw patterns so that weights can be slid on and off throughout the routine. The downside of using these dumbbell sets are that the screwed perforations continues throughout the rod and can be quite painful to hold in your palm for an intensive amount of time likely causing calluses. They do provide the user with a very good grip however.

Whichever type of these products an athlete or anybody interesting in using weights to exercise decides to buy will do their job just fine. The only thing left is to buy the correct sets, once you decide the kind you want. A physical trainer or sales associate can best help you make this decision.