Flying in Four Reviews – Kelly Baggett and Alex Maroko’s Flying in 4 Vertical Jump Program Reviewed

Flying in Four Reviews – Kelly Baggett and Alex Maroko’s Flying in 4 Vertical Jump Program Reviewed

Flying In Four is a vertical jump program created by Kelly Baggett and Alex Maroko.

Here is a brief summary of what you get with the program, followed by a comprehensive review.

What You Get:

1. The Flying In Four eBook.

2. Bonus reports, audios and videos.


Regular edition:

1. JumpUSA 15{4b1fe63123713d31487550d3441c07e511f9c896d21719779d3ce493da6269bd} Lifetime Discount Coupon.

2. Stretch Your Vertical – special report on stretching to improve your vertical jump.

Deluxe edition only:

3. The Flying In Four Exercise Database Online DVD

4. The 4 Week Speed Sequence.

5. Interview of Alex Maroko by Jump Experts (mp3).

6. One-On-One Coaching with Alex and Kelly.

7. Interview with Pro Sports Psychologist Todd Herman.


1. Add At Least 4 Inches to Your Vertical Jump In 4 Weeks.

2. 60-day “no-questions-asked” Money Back Guarantee.

Program Review:

Kelly Baggett is an authority figure when it comes to vertical jump training. His first book, the Vertical Jump Bible, has been successfully used by thousands of athletes around the world. Alex Maroko is the author of two popular sports training products – The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System and The Effective Ball Handling Program.

Flying In Four contains all the new vertical jump training discoveries Kelly has made over the past few years since he wrote the infamous VJB.

It has 3 separate 28-Day programs built into it (Beginners Program, Intermediate Program, and Advanced program).


The first thing I noticed when I received the program is how straight to the point it is. Most vertical leap programs I have used contain pages upon pages of theory and “fluff”, and 2 pages of workouts.

You WON’T find ANY of this in the Flying In Four program.

There is literally ZERO theory and ZERO fluff. What you get is 28 days of no-nonsense workouts, and you are told exactly what you need to do daily.

Here is a summary of what the program looks like:

START -> Day 1 – do this, Day 2 – do this, Day 3 – do this……….Day 28 – do this –> END

You obviously get exercise descriptions, pictures, and videos, but there is literally ZERO fluff.

The bonuses that come with the program are also great.

They are some of the best bonuses I’ve ever seen that come with a vertical jump program.

With that being said, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get the deluxe version of the program if you decide to get it, because it comes with all the bonuses. My favorite (and most useful) bonus is the One-On-One coaching with Kelly and Alex.

You get free access to this coaching for the first 30 days if you get the deluxe package, after which you pay a small monthly fee (that you can cancel anytime).

You will get personal access to Alex and Kelly, and you can email them any questions you have.

Every month, they will record a live Q&A session, where you can listen in and hear the answers to your specific questions. Kelly will also be revealing his latest discoveries during this call.

You will also receive mp3s of the calls, so you can keep listening to them at your convenience.

In my opinion, this bonus is worth the price of the program by itself.


Because several athletes pay Alex and Kelly a small fortune to get this level of access to them, and you get it for a fraction of the cost.


I didn’t really “dislike” anything with the program per se.

However, no program is perfect, and this one is no different.

The only thing that I can say is somewhat missing from the program is the lack of explanation of the theory behind the program.

Personally, I like the program the way it is, because I’m fed up with all those programs that are 90{4b1fe63123713d31487550d3441c07e511f9c896d21719779d3ce493da6269bd} theory and only 10{4b1fe63123713d31487550d3441c07e511f9c896d21719779d3ce493da6269bd} real content (workouts).


Flying In Four is a welcome breath of fresh air to the vertical jump training community.

I highly recommend it to any athlete that is serious about taking their vertical jump to the next level.