Herbal Cure For Diabetes – Natural Treatment That Can Free a Diabetic

Herbal Cure For Diabetes – Natural Treatment That Can Free a Diabetic

Apart from dietary management and treatment of diabetes, another good way diabetes condition can be treated is through the use of roots and herbs. In treating diabetes with herbs, the aims are:

* To repair the pancreas
* To strengthen the kidney
* To eradicate the symptoms attributed to diabetes
* To prevent sugar or glucose from escaping in the urine.
* To help the body to find its natural balance

Points to Note in Herbal Treatment of Diabetes

The following points should be kept in mind when treating diabetes with help:

1. Juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes is more difficult to cure than non-insulin dependent diabetes.

2. Those that develop maturity onset diabetes at age fifty or above respond more quickly to herbal treatment than those who develop the disease at age thirty or forty

3. It is not recommended that insulin-dependent diabetics stop injecting themselves as soon as they begin herbal treatment. They will need to combine both medications for two weeks after which they will then reduce the volume of insulin they inject to half its usual volume while they still continue with the herbs. It is only after four weeks that they can leave aside that they check their urine and blood from time to time, so as to monitor their sugar levels. It is strongly advised that diabetic patients should always consult a competent herbal scientist.

Herbal Treatment of Diabetes Formula 1


A. Cashew stem-bark (half small bucket)
B. 7 green pawpaw leaves
C. 1 medium size pot of bitter leaf
D. 10 bulbs of garlic
E. 10 pieces of ginger
F. 5 bulbs of onions
G. 10 pods of Capsicum frutescens
English – African red pepper or bird’s pepper (The tiniest pepper you find around. Very peppery)
H. 15 pieces of Xylopia Aethiopica
I. 15 litres of water
J. 2 bottles of honey

Recipe : Boil A to H together in I for 40 minutes. Allow it to stand for 24 hours before adding J. Stir well. Sieve and store in a container.

Dosage: One glass 3 times daily for two months.

Herbal Treatment of Diabetes Formula 2


A. Leaves of Mormodica Charantia (balsam pear)
B. Leaves of Basil Ocinum
C. 10 litres of water

Recipe:: squeeze an equal amount of the leaves of A and B together in C. Do not worry about the precise quantity of leaves. What matters is to squeeze equal amount of both leaves and to make the preparation as thick and concentrated as possible.

Dosag: 1 glass 3 times daily for 2 months.