How to Train Lovebirds – 3 Fun Tricks For Your Lovebird

How to Train Lovebirds – 3 Fun Tricks For Your Lovebird

Want to learn how to train lovebirds? This article talks about 3 fun tricks you can teach your lovebird and how to go about training them to do each trick. The principle for each trick is the same, show them what to do, reward the behavior each time, be consistent and have fun.

1. Make a Basket: Ever seen a lovebird play basketball? Sure, they can’t use a traditional basketball since they would probably get flattened, but if you have a small bird size ball and even a homemade hoop, you can teach your lovebird how to shoot and score. Start by showing the bird what you want them to do, use verbal commands and a lot of treats and praise and pretty soon they will put the ball in the hoop themselves. Some birds will learn very quickly, while others will take a little bit more work, but it can be done and once you master this trick the sky is the limit to what they can learn.

2. Put Away Toys: Wouldn’t you love a bird that could clean up after itself? Now you can, simply show them what to do and guide them to do it themselves. To start, spread some coins out in front of them and have a bucket nearby that they can put the coins into. Show them what you want them to do and give them a treat after the coin goes in the bucket. As with all tricks, use the verbal command you want associated with this trick, like “clean up your toys” and tap your fingers in front of the coin. Once your bird has successfully picked up the coin and dropped it into the bucket give them huge praise so that they know without a doubt what they just did was good. They will do this over and over again when they know that a treat is waiting for them once they do.

3. Slide: Birds love playgrounds too, yet very rarely do they have slides that are their size. You can easily make them a slide with a ladder that they can climb. It should be pretty easy to get a bird to climb the ladder and getting them to go down a slide only takes a few tries. After they have gone down the slide reward them and ask them to do it again. This game never gets old, for either one of you.

In this article we looked at how to train lovebirds and 3 fun tricks you can start training your bird today. Put together a bird sized basketball hoop and start teaching them how to shoot a ball into it, show them how to put away their toys and even take a trip down a lovebird slide. There are many other tricks you can teach your bird, but these three are great fun so start working on them today, perfect one before moving on to the next to prevent confusing your lovebird.