How to Turn Your Scuba Certification Into a Future

How to Turn Your Scuba Certification Into a Future

Scuba diving is for those that love the open water. There is no better suited career than as a trained and certified Scuba Diver for those with this inextinguishable passion for the water and what lies beneath its surface. Diving is more than a hobby for this breed and most wish they could take their love for scuba and make it their life. Expanding on your scuba certification could deliver you to the career you’ve been looking for.

The first step to taking your scuba certification further is to take additional dive classes that will allow you greater flexibility with your new found passion. Different levels of dive classes include advanced diver training, dive master courses and becoming an NAUI certified instructor. As a Dive Master you may be hired by a local dive shop to r lead dive expeditions.

Being in a position to lead others on a scuba excursion in an open water dive is a lot of responsibility that should not be taken lightly. While you want your group scuba divers to have fun, you also want them to have the sense of security and be sure that they have a professional diver in charge of the situation and leading their group. This is a big step in a certified diver’s career, leading a dive excursion and you should be certain that you have completed both the advanced diver training and Dive Master training as well as being completely first aid/CPR certified too.

Some excellent tips on spreading your new found dive excursion leader talents around are to rely on traditional PR. Just being a dive instructor or dive master doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be able to make a business out of it. You have to sell yourself and promote your dive store every chance you get. Always take the time to introduce yourself to each person individually and ask their name. Get to know each person in your class and even people who just call in interest. Ask them why they are interested in dive classes and offer ways they can get more from the class for their purpose. As with anything in life, making eye contact when speaking to the divers and remembering simple things like their names and goals will go a long way and generate a lot of buzz about your level of expertise and dive instruction or excursion abilities.

By taking the time to have a conversation with each of the divers in the group, you will be able to distinguish which of them has the needed confidence as a diver and which you should pay more attention. This is important whether you are teaching dive classes as an NAUI certified instructor or acting as Dive Master on a dive excursion. If you truly want to make a career out of your passion of scuba diving, then you need to be professional and courteous at all times. It pays to keep the classes on track and informative as well.

In order to become a top level NAUI instructor or Dive master you must complete the rescue diver training and advanced diver training. These dive classes include a lot of open water dive training hours. There is also a classroom portion that must be completed.

Scuba Diving is definitely for adventure lovers, but it is a serious responsibility as well. If you want to take your dive certification and turn it into your career, the first step is investing in additional dive classes to obtain all the required certification. After that you will likely have to work for a few years to earn the money to have your own dive equipment. From there, once you are up and ready to roll, your public relations and interactions are going to be what keep your dive business afloat. Scuba diving is a lifestyle you are sure to enjoy if you take the right steps towards success!