Jeans Synonymous With Parisian Cool

Jeans Synonymous With Parisian Cool

It was during the 1950s when denim jeans first exploded onto the scene. Before this the jean had a cult following, however it was not until stars such as James Dean were spotted wearing them that they started to become mainstream. This popularity has continued on into the 21st century as the biggest stars in the world are still setting the trends. The tennis French Open has got underway in Paris and already some of the top celebrities and fashionistas have been sporting the latest trend of jeans. It has been no surprise that women’s and men’s jean have been so popular given their versatility and ability to blend with any colour.

These top celebrities arrived at the French Open in the last couple of days in the knowledge that the world’s media will be providing coverage on what happens both on the court and off it. For television stations and cameramen, having the world’s top tennis player plying their trade in one of the sport’s four majors does not quite suffice.

Attention often turns to the spectators, specifically the famous ones. With expectant attention on their attire, these celebrities turn out in their trendiest outfit in order to create greater publicity for themselves.

As the season’s change, the trends of t-shirts, tops and sweaters are constantly changing. However, one trend that seems to stick no matter the time of year are jeans. Of course the style of jeans may deviate slightly from skinny jeans to a more baggy look but the essence of jeans still remains. Denim jeans have kept up with fashion for the past six decades which is nothing short of miraculous. This is something Levi Strauss, the man who patented jeans in 1873, could not even dream of.

It has been the jeans ability to adapt to the changing fashion trends that have made them consistently popular over the years. However, they often need not adapt as jeans have regularly set the trends. The jeans have proven that they go with nearly every other item of clothing. Currently on the high street one will see people wearing a pair of jeans with t-shirts, sweaters, coats, tops, dresses, trainers, dark shoes, the list goes on.

The combination of price and durability has also been a factor in the jeans continued popularity. You can buy a quality pair of jeans for £40, rising in price depending on the designer. These jeans can then last for years as the material is designed for the hard graft of everyday life. The French Open has shown celebrities to be wearing the latest style of jeans and although they may be skinny jeans, relaxed fir or boot cut, the quintessence of the jeans have remained throughout the decades.