Joining Racquetball Gyms

Joining Racquetball Gyms

One of the many benefits of racquetball is the handiness of playing courts. There appears to be one in every high school gym or some park.

Regrettably, outside weather is occasionally not on your side. Or occasionally, your usual public courts might just be too hot for your playing comforts.

What are your alternatives? A private gym is one great idea if you want to join for the sole aim of having a favorable, year-round access to racquetball courts. Yet, there are some considerations to examine before you join in one.

First, let us look at the disadvantages.


One of the big complaints about private members-only gyms is the price. Some would allow you to enroll at a racquetball-only membership.

The sad part is you will have to spend out a pricey initiation fee that can run up to many hundreds of dollars. This is more than your monthly due which is around $10 to $40 reckoning on the area where you reside.


This can get tricky. Your gym might simply have a restricted number of courts. During peak business hours, you may have to wait for a vacant court even though you had scheduled your play time earlier.

The briskest times are early morning, early night-time and lunch time. The best times on weekdays are between 8 and 10 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. and after 7 p.m. Avoid morning hours on weekends. Afternoons or evenings are good.

If your gymnasium has seasonal racquetball leagues and you are not participating, you should have a tough time acquiring a court for the whole season.

Here are the benefits of connecting to a gym.


If your gym does not supply racquetball-only memberships, you will have to buy a full membership. Happily, this grants you admission to an range of fitness families, weights and cardio machines.

They could even have you use their basketball courts, the sauna and the swimming pool. Using these additional facilities will help you enter better shape to play racquetball. Some gyms also offer free child care allowing you and your life-partner to relish your game.


Many gyms have racquetball leagues. If you are new in town, joining the league affords you to meet fellow players and new friends.

These guys are only as adamant as you’re in the game and they are more than prepared to share their insights and pointers.


One good thing about exclusive gyms is the quality of the courts C clean, and regularly well-maintained. They are often located indoors to make certain members can play all year round. Since you are paying good money, damages on the floor are rapidly fixed.


Before committing to anything, you can take note of for free, public racquetball courts in your area as well as the popularity of the sports. Check online any facilities that offer discount play and other perks.

As usual, identify your pros and your cons in choosing gyms to play racquetball. If you sign in, ensure you comprehend your gymnasium contract so you get the most for your finances while enjoying your favorite sports.