Manage The Growth Of Your Goldfish Using Green Water

Manage The Growth Of Your Goldfish Using Green Water

Goldfish hobbyists are turning to green water due to the benefits shown on the natural ecosystem of their tanks. Green water used by the more serious goldfish keepers, can deliberately influence the evolution and expansion of their fish. Whilst a really good strategy it must be watched carefully until there is an abundance of strong green algae developed in the tank.

The Effects Of Green Water On Your Goldfish

For goldfish keepers that are trying to manage the rate at which their fish grow, one of the most powerful tools is green water. Where the tank sports substantial green water, the fish will be more tranquil and less energetic. This in turn sees the protein from their diet directed to their wen, which is the aided in the growing cycle. Should the goldfish keeper wish to control wen growth or encourage other areas of growth they simply need to dilute the algae and the fish will become more active again and the protein will then go towards the growth of body mass and size.

Warning Signs To Keep Your Eye On

If the plan is to cultivate the green algae in your tank, you should note that it will take time and trial and error to create the correct formula of green water supply. The first problem could be that the green algae may grow too quickly. This will result in the tank becoming too murky which will result in behavioural defects in the fish. An abundance of algae is best treated by controlling the amount of light received by the tank. Tanks that are constantly exposed to the light will grow algae that soon fill the entire tank. The recommended lighting as stated by the experts would be 8 – 12 hours per day for a green water tank. However some hobbyists have gained success by reducing the lighting to 5 hours a day.

If your tank does become overrun with algae then you may have no alternative but to change the water. The experts recommend that this is only necessary when the tank has become so cloudy that you are unable to see the fish swimming in it when looking from the top. Due to the speed in which the algae reproduce too high population should be offset with 90{4b1fe63123713d31487550d3441c07e511f9c896d21719779d3ce493da6269bd} water change. Although over populated it is important to leave a minimal amount of algae to promote the regrowth of the necessary organisms required.

Apart from the green algae there are other forms of algae that can grow under the same type of conditions but these have no benefit on the goldfish. Most commonly is the blue-green algae, this is difficult because it is not actually an algae; it is a bacteria that is represented as a blue coloured slime coating throughout your tank. It will grow on the glass, gravel, rocks or any plant life you have in the tank. The only way to rid the goldfish tank of these bacteria is thorough cleaning and water changes.

A good combination of green water and natural water is the best way to control and maintain healthy growth of your goldfish. High concentration of algae will lead to larger wen and other visible changes to your fish. By lowering the green algae in the water the fish will be more active and develop more length and body mass. Remember though, when using a green water tank you must always keep an eye out for the harmful types of algae growing and constantly control the light to the tank to regulate sudden spurts of algae growth.