MMA Workout Routine For Optimal Strength and Conditioning

MMA Workout Routine For Optimal Strength and Conditioning

The first thing every MMA fighter and combat athlete should know is that there is no such thing as the perfect MMA workout routine for strength and conditioning.

Mixed martial arts and the type of physical development required is unlike that of any sport, since MMA fighters must literally develop every physical attribute available to the highest degree.

Because of this, it is important that MMA fighters train with a very sport specific MMA workout routine that develops the right type of strength and conditioning that would best prepare him/her for a fight.

In terms of strength, a good MMA workout routine will develop first a strong foundation of maximal relative strength and power. Notice I said relative, meaning that the goal is to get as strong and powerful as possible without gaining any unnecessary size. The stronger you become while maintaining the same level of bodyweight, the better.

Although maximal strength and power is the foundation, it’s not enough to stop there. MMA fighters must then turn this newfound strength and power and develop muscular endurance, or the ability maintain this maximal strength and power output for a specific period of time without fatiguing.

This can be done in a number of ways, such as circuit training, Tabata, and the many other MMA workout routines that you can find both online and off line today.

In terms of cardiovascular conditioning, this is also a component that many MMA fighters don’t often fully understand.

The first thing you must know as an athlete looking to develop optimal conditioning for MMA is that there are 3 energy systems that the body depends upon:

1. ATP System: This system supplies energy in maximal energy outputs over a short period of time, in the absence of oxygen, which usually lasts around 10 or so seconds, such as a set of lifting heavy weights or shooting in for a take down in MMA.

2. Anaerobic System: This system supplies energy in near maximal energy outputs in absence of oxygen, like the ATP system, over a longer period of time, usually depleting around 2 minutes.

3. Aerobic System: This system supplies energy through the use of oxygen once received, and supplies it for low energy output over longer periods of time, such as jogging.

In order for a MMA workout routine to be effective, it must not only include proper maximal strength and power develop and strength and power endurance, but must also included exercises that develop all three energy systems for maximal cardiovascular conditioning since all these systems are heavily taxed in a typical MMA fight.

Heavy resistance training and explosive power exercises with equally short rest periods will help develop the ATP system, exercises like sprints and circuit training with minimal or no added resistance will develop the anaerobic system, and any consistent exercises that has you breathing faster then normal over 30 minutes will help develop the aerobic system.

So if you are following a MMA workout routine and are looking to maximize your MMA strength and conditioning potential, be sure you are counting in all of the above factors in a harmonious and progressive manner and you will be well on your way to developing the strength and conditioning of the worlds most bad ass athletes.