Overcome Discouragement When The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working And Change Your Life

Overcome Discouragement When The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working And Change Your Life

Have you ever tried using the law of attraction to change your life for the better, only to find out that the law of attraction isn’t working like they said it would? Did this leave you unhappy and questioning whether manifesting what you want in life is even a real possibility?

If so, then take heart. Manifesting changes in your life by deliberately controlling your thoughts or energy is a learning process. Does it work? I have experienced this to be true for me personally, but I haven’t manifested EVERYTHING I ever wanted. My trillion dollars has yet to be seen! Ha, Ha!

Manifesting small things that you may be indifferent to receiving seems like an easy task. Things like a cup of coffee can be easy to manifest but when the thing you want like health and money fail to show up in your life time and time again, you will probably start to doubt all this manifesting business while losing faith in higher sources of power.

Becoming discouraged when the law of attraction isn’t working at this stage is completely natural and so is your inability to change your life for the better.

First of all, consciously manifesting with your imagination is a learned skill and like anything else, practice makes perfect. You wouldn’t expect to be a world professional tennis player after reading a book on how to play tennis would you? Of course not! So don’t be so hard on yourself (or your higher self, God, your guidance, Source) for not delivering your goods.

The first tip to overcome discouragement is to acknowledge the smaller accomplishments. Log them down and re-read them to remind yourself that you can consciously manifest. The mind has a way of quickly burying positive accomplishments because it is habitually negative. So force yourself to remember what you manifesting by keeping a regular record. This will bring you hope and happiness.

Second, start small and slowly work into larger things. If you start to learn how to consciously manifest by focusing on a million dollars, then that is like reading the book on tennis and then going to play a live competitors game with no practice. Is it possible for someone to read a book on tennis and then successfully win a tennis match? Sure it is, but the odds are slim… You get the point.

Another tip to overcome your fear and discouragement is to know that you can only visualize and feel things that you have been exposed to. For example, If you have been poor your whole life, then you really don’t know how it truly feels to be a millionaire. You may have ideas about the freedoms that money could provide, but you don’t KNOW for sure, your guessing.

When the law of attraction isn’t working and you fail to manifest with your visualizations, is likely because your imagination is limited to what you have been through in the past. If your future is to be a much happier and grander vision or place, then is your limited imagination the proper tool to use to acquire this? I don’t think so; it can’t fully grasp or understand what you want because you have probably never had it. And therefore, it could be holding you back!

What if our god self wants to transform our lives but we are stopping that from happening by trying to manifest the picture of freedom that we have pre-formed in our limited mind?

To overcome this, begin your manifesting visualization by being open to allow more good in whatever form that comes in. In other words, don’t allow your mind to lock in on how something will manifest and exactly what that looks like. Simply be open to experiencing more money, more good, and more health than what you have now. Then feel it and allow things to naturally unfold in ways you may have never thought possible. This will open doors for your to change your life for the better.