Prolab Creatine – A Top Quality Supplement For Peak Performance

Prolab Creatine – A Top Quality Supplement For Peak Performance

Creatine has been used by bodybuilders and professional athletes for quite some time now and Prolab creatine is one of the best forms of the supplement on the market. Top athletes are always looking to gain the competitive edge and any little bit of improvement they can get in performance or during training can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Creatine was first discovered back in 1832. Over 90 years later the first reports of creatine possibly having positive effects for bodybuilders was published in the Journal of biological chemistry in 1926. This supplement gained more attention when some athletes at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 were using the supplement. Since then it has gained more and more popularity every year.

When muscles are used to perform any type of work adenosine triphosphate or ATP is broken down for energy. ATP is used up rapidly by the muscles and creatine which is a naturally occurring substance that is actually produced by the human body is used to replenish ATP. Athletes and bodybuilders will tell you that creatine gives them that extra boost of energy they need to complete a few more reps during each set of a workout. It provides the extra energy needed during short bursts of intense activity

In addition to playing an important role in supplying our muscles with energy, creatine can also help reduce the amount of lactic acid produced by our muscles during strenuous exercise which will help you be able to perform longer and recover faster after a workout. Being able to complete more reps and also increase recovery time gives a lot of bodybuilders and athletes the edge they are looking for. Although our bodies produce creatine naturally and it can also be found in some of the foods we eat like meat and fish, supplements are the only way to get a sufficient amount of creatine for people with a strenuous workout regimen and that’s where Prolab comes in.

Prolab creatine is produced in Germany in an ISO certified factory. ISO certification is the highest standard achievable by a laboratory or factory which means that prolab products meet the highest possible standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Prolab creatine is processed with the very best ingredients and a patented process of manufacturing takes place in a state of the art refinery. They also carefully test their products for any impurities in an effort to supply the very best product possible to their customers