Reebok ExoFit Basketball Shoe Review

Reebok ExoFit Basketball Shoe Review

The Reebok ExoFit has stood the tests of time and is still here today even though it’s been out many years. This is due to its great starting price for a basketball shoe and also due to loyal fans who re-buy it over the years when their old pair wears out. This article will break down information such as its style, fit, weight, durability and even shock absorption capabilities.

Style on the Reebok ExoFit is very simple. Its main color is white as that’s what color many basketball shoes use. It has a standard lacing system which leads up to a hook and loop system as well as a padded collar and tongue. On the front there are small perforations which act as ventilation system to ensure hot air escapes and cold air can enter. This gives your feet a healthier environment to work in and ensures you can play at your full capacity. The ExoFit could have been one of the first basketball shoes to do this.

Comfort + Fit
Comfort and fit is one of the biggest selling points on the Reebok ExoFit. This is due to the fact that the shoe uses a soft leather to cover the main base and has plenty of padding inside. The leather that’s used is noticeably comfortable and supportive meaning you can use these casually and you’ll feel great.

One thing that is exceptional about this basketball shoe is that it’s one of the lightest on the market. It weighs only 12 ounces and the average weight for basketball shoes these days are around 15/16 ounces. The low weight could be acquitted to the fact it doesn’t have any fancy or flash features which many modern basketball shoes have, it has the basics which focus on comfort, fit and support.

The durability on the Reebok ExoFit is pretty good considering how old it is. Many people re-purchase this basketball shoe every time they need a new pair. They wouldn’t do this if it was unreliable or didn’t last long. Most of the rubber is present on the back of the heel and also at the front of the toes. This is where most of the impacts take place and enable you to be cushioned in these important areas.

Shock Absorption
Just like durability there are no fancy shock absorption features. However It has comfortable mid foot with plenty of padding inside, so when you land your feet are protected and padded with all the soft leather and comfy material.

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe which gives off a classical vibe as well, as being a good choice if you have a budget, we would heavily suggest you look at the Reebok ExoFit.