Show Your Support With a Funny Email Address

Show Your Support With a Funny Email Address

Do you love sport? Whether you’re a player or a supporter you can create a funny email address that reflects your love of the game. We all know how one-eyed people can be when it comes to supporting their favourite team, whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or soccer – you name the code and it’s got its die-hard fans.

Even if it doesn’t involve a team, people still love to support participation in the game, for example tennis fans, golfing fanatics, swimming devotes and try-athletes! Now you can create a funny mail address that shows your support every time you send a message.

Almost everyone has a personal mail address and most of the time it is really more functional than a personal statement of who you are. Usually it’s just the old MyName(at)MyServersName(dot)com. How inspiring is that – NOT.

Why not take control of your email address and make it a true reflection of who you are and what’s important to you? You could make a proud statement for your team and create a funny mail address like, Gary(at)TopDraftChoice(dot)com, Steve(at)BroncosRule(dot)com or Faye(at)GiantYankeesFan(dot)com. You could pay homage to your favourite player with Judy(at)BendLikeBeckham(dot)com.

If you love the game chances are you’ve got a fair bit of team merchandise at your house. If you’ve already pledged your alliance to the team by purchasing the jersey, the hat, the flag and the badge then show your support everyday with a supporter email address. Just think of how annoying that will be to your loser friends who support another team. It’s a friendly little jibe that will hit them every time they open their inbox.

Of course you may not subscribe to a team sport but your passion for your activity of choice is just as strong. Perhaps you love to hike, why not create your mail address as Peter(at)LoveHiking(dot)net or Sandra(at)IScaleMountains(dot)com. Perhaps it’s Sue(at)TheAquaGirl(dot)com, Greg(at)TwoSmartWheels(dot)com, Merridth(at)GameSetNMatch(dot)com or Phil(at)ThatsACheckMate(dot)com. You can create an email address that tells the world where your passions lie.

Your personal address is also a bit like a business card. Your involvement in sport may be purely recreational, but your email address will remind all your family and friends what it is you love and what you’re good at. It could be a gentle reminder of what direction you might like to point them in for that birthday or Christmas present – yes a subscription pass to the local pool would be a fantastic present, how did you come up with that idea? Could it have been the email address?

When you are passionate about sport, it’s a bit like belonging to a tribe. You know what it means to go through the good times and the bad times with those that are sharing the journey. Take your commitment to the next level. Don’t just wear your pride for the game on your back, make it a part of every communication you have with the world. Although your funny email address might make some people laugh, they’ll know behind the smile is a rock solid commitment!