Tennis Techniques For Tennis Beginners

Tennis Techniques For Tennis Beginners

It is very important for tennis beginners to learn tennis techniques the right way. Learning techniques wrong will be in your muscle memory and as such will be very hard to unlearn when you want to learn the techniques the right way. So when you are taught a technique the right way it is very important to drill that technique so your muscles remember it and you don’t fall into the bad habit of doing it the lazy way.

Your footwork is an essential part of playing tennis. You must learn to move correctly or you could feel uncomfortable and awkward. Learning the ready position is your first step. Your feet should be comfortably spread apart with your knees slightly bent while standing on the balls of your feet. From this position it will be easy to move from side to side.

The next move tennis beginners will want to learn is the split step. This is done from the ready position where you take a slight jump and land on the balls of your feet. You want to time this just before your opponent connects with the ball. If the ball is close to you, you will step to the right with your right foot and move to the ball. If it is far away you will do what is called a gravity step. With practice these steps will happen naturally.

Okay, lets talk about the gravity step. It is what you do when the ball is far away and you have to run to it. With the gravity step your outside foot (right foot) comes closer to your inside foot (left foot) and you push off your inside foot giving you an extra boost to get to the ball faster. When you are at the ball you are going to have to do what is known as adjusting steps, which puts you in balanced and in position to hit the ball.

There is more about adjusting steps, but I want to move on to some other tennis techniques. So lets move on to the swing. Whether you’re trying to hit the ball on your forehand or backhand side, you have to raise your racket over your head and bring the racket head down toward the ground and then toward your shoulder. Then you have to meet the ball at the right spot with a full arm extension at a northeastern angle.

Among the most important if not the most important techniques are the tennis mental techniques. Mastering these techniques will be essential to winning most of the games you play. Knowing when you should do a technique is just as important as knowing how to do it. In the mental game you must stay focused and in control. You must not be distracted or doubt yourself. Your job is to distracted your opponents and make them doubt themselves. When learning tennis the beginner should also incorporate mental techniques in their learning.

If tennis beginners get on the right track at the beginning they will soon enjoy the game of tennis with all the right moves and techniques. The tennis techniques presented here are just a start.