The 9 Elements of a Good Recruiting Conference Call

The 9 Elements of a Good Recruiting Conference Call

Do you know how to run a good recruiting Conference Call. If you incorporate the below 9 elements your next call is sure to be a success

1 – Format

You need to have a Format. An Example format might be

  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Testimonials
  • Reactions
  • Q & A
  • Wrap up

For The Introduction someone should introduce the main speaker to the conference call or he/ she can introduce themselves. Next you do the Presentation which is discussed in more detail in elements 2 – 6. The Testimonial, Reaction, Q & A and Wrap Up are covered in Elements 7-9

2 – Excitement

You need to generate excitement, You want to have lot’s of people on the call all excited about the Business. You want to encourage members to attend the Call even if they don’t have anyone on the Call.

3 – Informative

You want to give information about the Company. You want to highlight the Key Points of the Compensation Plan. You want to talk about the Products of course. You also want to talk about the Company Support. What type of tools does the company Provide. What type of training does the company provide.

4 – Motivating

Build a Dream. Ask some of the people what their Dream is, Build a Vivid Word picture of some of the dreams.

If they talk about a dream house, ask them if it has an Ocean or a Lake View. Does it have a Mountain View as well. Is it a ranch or a Multi-Story. What does the kitchen Look like. Do they have a Media Room or a Regulation Indoor Basketball Court. How’s about a 9 Hole Private Golf course in the Back Yard. A Buddy of mine has a 2 Lane Bowling Alley in his basement.

If they dream about financial security. Ask them if it means Private Schools and Colleges for the Children and Grand Children. Maybe it means early retirement for them with lot’s of trips and cruses and No Money Worries ever.

5 – Short But Sweet

Try and keep the actual presentation between 15 and 20 Minutes

6 – Testimonials

It is really a good idea to have 2 or 3 people talk about what the company has done for them.

7 – Reactions

After the Testimonial ask the people a simple question what do you think. Get 2 or 3 reactions and then move on.

8 – Q & A

Open the line for about 10 minutes worth of questions. Answer each question honestly and truthfully. If you don’t have an Answer offer to get it for them.

9 – Wrap Up

End the call and have the call to action. Encourage the attendees to get with the people that invited them to the call to move on to the next step.