The Best Reasons to Visit France – Natural Wonders

The Best Reasons to Visit France – Natural Wonders

Nature and its beauty has always been a subject of immense appreciation. Natural wonders often make you gaze and marvel at its incredible power. If you are in France, you are sure to get plenty of opportunities to get closer to nature and its creations. Whether it is the snow-capped mountains, the impressive waterfalls, or the artistic caves, you are spoilt for choice in this exquisite location called France. Let us get acquainted with a few of the natural gems of France.

Mont- Blanc- the snow-white of the French Alps

A mention of France and you cannot miss out the French Alps with its lofty peaks. Mont-Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, is the favorite haunt for thrilling sports such as skiing and glacier climbing. This “White Mountain” is also one of the most visited places of the world and attracts tourists for its uniqueness and cultural significance.

Grande Cascade de Gavarnie- truly grand

Located in the natural beauty of central Pyrenees, Grande Cascade de Gavarnie is the tallest waterfall of France and one of the important waterfalls of Europe. Gavarnie Falls, as it is also known, attracts attention not only for its geology but also due to the picturesque backdrop of the Pyrenees Mountains against which it is set. This waterfall has a global recognition with its name being featured on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chasm of Poudrey-an exciting adventure

One of the most thrilling natural wonders in France is the caves and the grottoes where you can experience an entirely different world and discover life in its primitive stage. Chasm of Poudrey in the Franche-Comte is one of the valued additions of France. This chasm leads you to an underground chamber, 70 metres down, to marvel at this geological wonder of France. A 45-minute walk underground and you transcend to a different zone.

Annecy Lake- clearly marvelous

Annecy Lake, in Haute-Savoie, in France, is the second largest in the lakes of France. It is one of the cleanest lakes of Europe and is extremely popular for water sports and swimming. Cycling also is another favorite activity done in the path around the lake. The lake originated around 18,000 years ago when the glaciers of the Alps melted. The serene environment of this place makes tourists visit it very often.

Discover wild life with the Forest of Chaux

The Forest of Chaux enjoys the second position in the category of the largest forests in France. Situated in the Frenche Comte, it is one of the best places to see wild life from a close view. The specialty of the wild life in this forest is that it is diverse in nature and you can get a glimpse of varied animals such as forest wild cats, roe deer, wild boar, booted eagles, foxes and black woodpeckers to name a few.

There are many other interesting places to visit such as The cliffs of Etretat, in Normandy, Vanoise National Park, in Savoie, the famous caves of Dordogne, the rivers of Languedoc Roussillon and the list goes on. The awesome natural creations of France will provide you the much-needed peace from the chaos of regular life and will help you be rejuvenated to the core.