The Footwear Every Promotional Model Needs

The Footwear Every Promotional Model Needs

Tennis Shoes (Nice black athletic shoes or White Converse):

There will be events when you are working all day. Maybe you are on a golf course and need a flat shoe that won’t stab into the turf. This footwear is also particularly common at trade shows and conventions. I have worked events when I went into the convention center at dark and came out at dark, never seeing the daylight for a whole day! These days you will be putting some serious mileage in when it comes to trekking to bathrooms, break areas, and all over the center. The metatarsal bones fatigue quickly when you are in a shoe that transfers pressure to the ball of your foot, (like heels) so you want to be in a shoe with good arch support as you pound those concrete floors. You might think a tennis shoe isn’t “cute,” but this is where the quality comes in. They MUST look brand new. I keep a pair of black Nike tennis shoes just for promo work. Consider the rest of your look (hair, makeup, nails and otherwise) to be exactly as if you were out in your heels, except with these shoes, you’ll be able to stand all day AND night!

Cork Wedges (Both Black and Nude):

I never owned a pair of cork wedges before I was a promotional model and boy was I missing out! These are perhaps the most comfortable “heels” you will ever own! There are a few nuances you need to look out for, however. Make sure they are real cork. Cork absorbs the shock of pounding your feet on the concrete all day, allowing you to go longer without feeling foot fatigue. Second, make sure they are secure; you want to be able to shake your foot and know they won’t fly off. Whether they buckle, zip, or tie, they need to stay on your foot. You don’t want to be worried about twisting an ankle while you are working. These shoes are awesome “go to” summer work shoes. From poolside, to golf courses, to bars, they are comfortable, cute, and transition perfectly from day looks to night looks. This shoe is perhaps your greatest investment in your promo footwear!

Pumps and Stilettos (Both Black and Nude):

This final footwear may seem like a given, but they are the trickiest of all. These shoes will be worn for work at bars, private events, hostessing, and more. You need multiple pairs and here’s why. Open toe’d for the summer, closed for the fall. If they are patent leather, they can only be worn in certain seasons, and they need to be completely free of scuff marks. If you are wearing open toes, you need perfectly manicured toenails. These shoes need to “look” brand new, but never “be” brand new, as any model will tell you, never wear brand new shoes to work in; you’ll be limping from blisters! Invest in a few pair of “ball of the foot” gel inserts and exchange them between all your promo heels, they make a huge difference in the foot pain you’ll experience. And I ALWAYS carry band aids, because even the trustiest of shoes can surprise you one day. Most of all, remember they didn’t make heels because they are comfortable, they made them because they make us look GREAT!

No matter the event, each is a privilege, because as a promotional model you’ve been chosen to be the face of this product! That is a huge honor, so be sure you look perfect from head to toe, and pick the right shoes for the job! If you are unaware of what kind of shoes you might need, throw a few different pairs in your promo bag just in case. Always be one step ahead! OK, enough foot puns, take these tips and advice and run with it!