The Second IPL (Indian Premiercricket League) Season

The Second IPL (Indian Premiercricket League) Season

The cricket fever have engulfed the cricketing world again. The last season being huge success,has attracted more cricketers around the world. The ones who missed it waited anxiously for this one. Although,the tournament has been affected by the Pakistani players absence yet it would carry on with the same vigour and zeal. The BCCI has more than one reason to rejoice. Be it a show of their economic clout or their ability to conduct sporting events of this magnitude. I am sure their effort has been acknowledged by the ICC, the premium world body governing the cricketing nations.

The IPL owes it success to various reasons. It has proved to be a big platform for everyone concerned. Be they organisers,advertisers,the established crickets or the budding players. Everyone who performs gets instant recognition, the world over. The most beneficial team has been the TEAM INDIA. Ever since they got into it, the performance of the Indian team in all formats of the game has been excellent. Whether it was 50 over games,20-20 or the tests. They are threatening the World Champions. The big advantage has been their ability to play along with the best players in the world and gain from their experience. English player Andrew Flintoff said that everyone is talking about the money in IPL but no one knows what the Indian cricketers got out of it. They owe their performs to the IPL. The experience they got is reflecting in their performance today. I agree with Flintoff.

The players who could never have dreamt of playing with the likes of Ponting,Hayden,Sachin,Shane Warne,Jayasuriya,Chris Gayale,Macgrath etc were found sharing matches with them. They must have learnt great lessons in a short time. The mere presence of such stalwarts must have been a life time opportunity for them. Mere performance in the tournament brought out players like Marsh and Yousuf Pathan. They today have their own standings in their respective teams. The peformance in this tournament gave them recognition and the instant money like the instant 20-20 tournament.

The second IPL has recognized the worth of Kevin Pieterson and Andrew Flintoff who have been contracted with huge sums of money. The amount of US $ 1. 55 millions offered to them was never heard of. They have surpassed the golden boy of Indian Cricket MS Dhoni who when offered US 1. 35 million raised many eyebrows. However, I am happy for the sporting personalities who have every reason to get what they deserve. It should be borne in mind that they play for short times of around 15 years on an average. They have to be physically and mentally fit to last for that time. So, let them make hay while the sun shines. However,I do agree with the British media that the IPL has not been affected by the global economic crisis. That’s why they could offer huge sums to players. It’s a compliment to Indian economy.

Advertisers dole out huge sums of money for the services their brand get. The brand gets noticed in major parts of the world through electronic and print media. They are businessmen and they know why they are paying through their nose. I don’t think they can get this kind of coverage. The crowd and the millions of viewers get the kind of entertainment they dream of. They get their money’s worth through competitive matches fought with the sole idea of winning. The shorter versions of the game gives a package which has everything for everyone. The crowd get their entertainment,the advertisers hit the targeted traffic, the cricketers get experience and that too with big money.

Therefore, it’s a Win Win situation for everyone. The cricketing head that initiated this dream project needs to be complimented for achieving what he dreamt of. No business is successful unless it has something for everyone. I am sure this tournament has it all. The second IPL season is being eagerly awaited and lets keep out fingers crossed for big entertaining,competitively fought matches. The glitz and the glamour is expected to shine more brightly than the first season. Although we shall be missing Pakistani cricketers participation yet this game has to move on. Let’s pray for its huge success.