The Secrets Behind a Successful Sporting Event

The Secrets Behind a Successful Sporting Event

Do you remember the first sporting event you attended? My own still lives with me today. I remember the first time I attended a live football match at Wembley Stadium. Walking up Wembley Way you could almost smell the excitement and as the twin towers came into view I could feel my heart racing. As we went through the turnstiles we were finally inside and just a few short steps later I was presented with a site that still lives with me today. As I walked up the steps to the terraces, darkness was overtaken by a bright blue sky and the lush Wembley grass which heroes of mine, past and present, had adorned. The next 90 minutes, much like the following 30 years, seemed to race by and my memory of one of the greatest days of my life remains in tact to this day.

Sports fans throughout the world I am sure can associate with my own memories. From watching the Cubs at Wrigley Field to one of the great Milan teams at the San Siro or another Australian victory at the MCG, sports fan can concentrate on the team and sport they love due to not just their heroes on the field but because of the unsung workers who make the experience and their safety possible.

Just some examples of these unsung heroes include the catering staff who down the years have provide sports fans with treats ranging from a pie and cup of Bovril to a beer and a hot dog. Whilst certain celebrity chefs would I am sure rage against such food being served up sports fans go to sporting events to be entertained, to be with friends and to cheer on their team. We do not go for the 3 course meal, the finest wine or indeed prawn sandwiches.

And whilst the beer and burger are unsung heroes of a many a sporting event, even more important to the fan and event are the people who make the day run without trouble. The ladies and gentlemen who work in stewarding and security roles are often subject to much abuse from travelling fans but without these people sporting events simply would not be possible.

And modern sporting security staff now use the very latest technology and equipment available to ensure your day is safe and sound. From CCTV cameras that can monitor and control crowd congestion to electronic turnstiles using credit card types tickets your day is likely to be safer than ever before.

Another advance in the world of sports security has seen security staff and stewards use modern two way radios to stay in touch with each other. With 2 way radio like the Motorola XTN446 staff at sports stadiums, venues and arenas can stay in touch over a wide area so to make sure your sporting day goes without incident.

Modern radio communications, walkie talkies and two way radio are now common place in sporting venues throughout the world and you are now more likely to see someone with a two way radio than you are someone with a rattle.

Great days at sporting events live within the memory for a lifetime so the next time you are with friends cheering on your team take a moment to think of the unsung heroes who make it all possible.