The Secrets To Becoming An Elite Basketball Player

The Secrets To Becoming An Elite Basketball Player

Want to be “the man” every time you step on the basketball court?

Let me reveal the secrets of becoming an elite basketball player.

Do The Beneficial Things You Don’t Want To Do

Whatever you don’t want to do is exactly what you need to do.

Is it easy to pass up a free honey bun?

Is it easy to drink water when your refrigerator is full of soda?

The path with the most resistance is usually the path with the most benefits.

Don’t seek comfort, seek beneficial discomfort. For example, nobody wants to get up at 5:00 A.M. to do ball handling and shooting drills, but that might be exactly what you need to do.

Doing what’s comfortable won’t separate you from the competition. Anyone can do what is comfortable but only the best of the best are willing to do what’s uncomfortable in order to become and stay great.

Improve On The 8 Aspects Of Basketball

Basketball IQ – Increase your understanding of the game of basketball. How do you do this? You can increase your basketball IQ by playing basketball daily, watching film of great basketball players, and reading books about basketball skill development and performance.

Shooting – You need to work on improving your jump shot daily. You can never become too good of a shooter.

Ball Handling – If you can’t handle the basketball, you will never reach your full potential. When you’re confident in your ball handling ability, you will be able to raise your game and focus on scoring instead of how to keep the basketball from getting stolen.

Defense – Defense is just as important if not more important than offense. Work on your foot speed, your ability to hustle for loose balls, and your ability to stay in front of your offensive matchup.

Conditioning – If you’re not in basketball condition, it will show on the basketball court. I don’t care how good you’re, once you get tired, you will start to play like a scrub.

Vertical Jump – Increasing your vertical jump just makes everything so much easier. You will be able to pull-off more athletic moves, you will get more blocks, more rebounds, and you will get more respect from the other athletes.

Strength – Strength allows you to bully your opponents and score at will. The combination of strength, skill, and athleticism, makes for a deadly basketball player. Just look at what Lebron James has been able to accomplish on the basketball court.

Speed and Quickness – Speed and quickness will allow you to get past your defender with one simple crossover or hesitation move. When you’re quick on your feet you will also be able to defend good players who are craft with the basketball.

Don’t Take Days Off

Be a self-disciplined athlete. Don’t make excuses for yourself, you know you need to practice daily. Every minute you’re relaxing, there is somebody out there training and getting better than you.

Make sacrifices; don’t watch as much T.V. and don’t play as much video games. Be selfish about your basketball improvement. Don’t let life’s troubles get in the way of your basketball success.