Violations in Basketball – 7 Most Common Infractions

Violations in Basketball – 7 Most Common Infractions

A violation is an infraction of the rules. The team who committed a violation is penalized by awarding the ball to the opposing team. Listed below is the list of the most common violations committed in the game of basketball.

1. Ball out-of-bounds

As a rule, the ball is out-of-bounds when it touches the player or any person who is out-of-bounds; the floor or any object on, above or outside the boundary line; and the backboard or any object above the playing court.

2. Dribbling

Dribble is a movement of a live ball caused by a player in control of the ball who throws or taps the ball on the floor. During dribble, the ball may be thrown into the air provided the ball touches the floor or another player before the player who threw it touches again with his hand. If he touches it first, then it is a violation. The ball will be awarded to the opposing team.

3. Travelling

Travelling is said to be an illegal movement of one foot beyond the limits in any direction while holding the ball on the playing court. It happens when a pivot foot, the foot that is kept at its point contact with the floor, accidentally makes unnecessary steps.

4. Three seconds

A player must not remain in the opponents’ restricted area for more than three seconds while his team is in offensive possession. This is the common violation of most centers and forwards. To avoid this, a player must place both feet on the floor outside the restricted area.

5. Twenty-four seconds

A player must take a shot for a field goal within twenty-four (24) seconds. The ball must not only leave a player’s hand before the twenty-four shot clock signal sounds but also touch the ring or enter the basket. If not, it is called twenty-four (24) seconds shot clock violation and the ball will be automatically awarded to the opponent.

6. Ball returned to back court

As a rule, a player in offensive possession of a live ball may not cause the ball to be illegally returned to his back court.

7. Fouls

Foul is the most common of the infraction in the game of basketball. It concerns illegal personal contact with an opponent or unsportsmanlike behavior. It is often called personal foul or technical foul. Any number of fouls may be called against a team. Regardless of the penalty, each foul shall be charged against the offender and penalized accordingly.

Simple infraction of the rules can change team’s momentum, hence, the outcome of the game. To maximize your team’s winning potential, try to familiarize with these common violations and avoid committing them.