What Is Wrong With Boas’s Chelsea?

What Is Wrong With Boas’s Chelsea?

Chelsea has been under heavy criticism lately for performing badly against the big teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United, losing both games and more against neighbors Queens Park Rangers. Is something really wrong with Chelsea or is it Andre Villas Boas?

Fernando Torres is not used to Chelsea’s play style; back in Liverpool Fernando Torres was the main player when it came to counter-attacks especially with Steven Gerrard behind him to assist with quick passes. Chelsea is currently playing a possession game which keeps the opposites defenders in their box and closes down spaces for players like Torres. It is obviously impossible for the entire team to change their strategy for one player so he needs to adapt quickly or it’s over for him. Fernando is already 27 so he only has 3-4 years where he can excel in and the 50 million paid by Roman Abramovich will keep haunting him unless he does.

Didier Drogba is not the same player anymore, the forward that scared the Gooners, Red Devils and all of Europe has finally grown old; it was going to happen eventually especially with the Ivorian international turning 33 earlier this year. His recent performances in the EPL have shown that he has grown too slow and old for the premier league.

Bosingwa is very weak defensively, despite his speed and accurate crosses Jose Bosingwa is blamed by many for the blues defensive errors; he is quick to leave his position and dash forward and is frequently beaten by the opposite forwards. Several analysts called out for Brainislav Ivanovic to replace Bosingwa in his position as he is much better defensively and could do better for Chelsea but Boas has showed his trust in Bosingwa by constantly starting him.

Florent Malouda, Kalou and Anelka don’t have anything to offer anymore, the trio has achieved much for Chelsea but it is clear that they are no longer suited for the club if they are to compete with the big guns of Europe. Andre Villas Boas has already hinted at Kalou’s exit as he has not been included in a premier league or a UCL game in some time but Anelka and Malouda’s fates are still unknown.

Terry is still getting hammered by the media over racism claims, many have noticed that the John terry playing for Chelsea is not the same player that he used to be; and with the English media discussing the investigations of the case in every single aspect it is no secret that John Terry is suffering from lack of concentration which caused him to be removed from England’s starting squad against Spain.